Thursday, July 7, 2011

The pedicure I tried to steal...but not really!

Happy birthday to my mom!! Last weekend my sisters and I decided to surprise her with a big girls only mini-trip. We took her to one of the best restaurants in Shreveport, went shopping, stayed the night at a local Casino and went for pedicures. (It's not a girls trip unless you get pedi's, right?!?)

I, personally, don't indulge on pedicures very often. I have a hard time justifying the cost when I could just paint my toenails myself but I would NEVER (intentionally) try to "steal" a pedicure. The kind Asian ladies at my mom's favorite nail place probably believe differently.

So here's what happened... my middle sister walked across the mall to the wine store (remember we are in Louisiana) and brought us all over a glass of wine to drink as we got our pedicures. We were having fun just all being together for the first time without our kids since we started having them six years ago. We were catching up and laughing and deciding which polish color we wanted. Mom and the middle sister got done first, paid for theirs and walked to another store in the mall. My youngest sister and I were finishing up, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and talking about what we'd be doing the rest of our trip.

It was relaxing and really fun and when the lady finished our toes Mom and middle sister had returned to the shop to wait for us. We were sitting close to the back door of the salon that leads outside to the parking lot. Little sister and I promptly got up and walked out the back door still walking gingerly to make sure we didn't mess up the paint job. We were giggling about something as we made our way to the SUV parked close by. We were just about to get in when I heard my little sister say, "Oh, did we leave something?" When I turned around I saw the pedicure lady fast-walking toward us. I immediately felt guilty because I had walked out with the paper flip-flops and toe spacers and I said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Do you need these back?"

The very sweet, but serious Asian lady raised her voice and said, "YOU NO PAY! YOU NO PAY!" OMG - we had just tried to steal a pedicure!! We were completely distracted and I suppose we were caught up in the "royal treatment" and just forgot. I don't know, but I was mortified! We had to turn around and make the awkward, spacers-in-our-toes walk of shame back through the salon to the front cash register...and it was PACKED!! Everyone had seen the lady come chasing after us and probably thought we were a couple of lousy, good for nothings.

We apologized multiple times and we left big tips, but as we walked out for a second time I could just tell from their eyes that the other customers were thinking to themselves the managers should have called the cops on those losers! It was not a proud moment for my mother either who now says she'll have to find a new favorite nail salon. One where, when the employees start speaking another language to each other she'll know with certainty they're not talking about the time her sorry daughters tried to walk out without paying! :)

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