Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doctors, Firefighters, Paramedics All Help Olga aka Little "B" Celebrate Her 2nd Birthday

Wow! What a birthday week for Little "B" or Olga as she now calls herself.

The name change happened while we were on vacation and someone asked her, her name. I realized I hadn't really taught her to say it clearly. Let me preface this by telling you she is talking really well for 24 months old. She can say just about everyone else's name that we know. She can say "school", "work", "bow", "shoes", "tutu" --- you get my drift. So, I thought her two syllable name would be easy for her to get out. I said it slowly, "Berke-ley". She quickly responded, "Ol - ga". "No, BERKE-LEY, " I corrected her. She got louder, too - "OL-GA!" Since then she has never wavered in her adamant pronunciation. Whenever anyone asks her, her name she says "Olga". I get odd looks. She doesn't really look like an "Olga", but whatever!

Funny how at that magical age of two, like clockwork, they get a mind of their own. This past month is when she not only changed her name but also decided she would wear tutu's - EVERYDAY. Even during her surgery four days before her birthday she had nothing but a tutu and a diaper on as we left her under anesthesia, asleep on the operating table. We tried to keep the hospital PJ's on her but she refused and the nurses agreed it was a battle they wouldn't win while she was awake. While she was in surgery I went to the gift shop. I looked at the stuffed animals and the books and other toys but knew when I saw the hot pink and orange tutu it was what Olga would love most for a "get well soon" gift.

Surgery went as good as it could have, but recovery wasn't easy. She was in pain. Her poor, little hand looked like someone had taken a hammer and beat on it as hard as they could. When her birthday rolled around a few days later, I wanted to do something special for her but I also knew we needed to take it easy since she was still recovering and her hand was still swollen and tender. We took her to get a cupcake and to a boutique where she picked out - yes, another tutu. In fact, she wore it out of the store. Then we needed to make a run to the grocery story - probably the last thing anyone wants to do on their birthday, but it had to be done.

You know how these "my kids in the grocery store" stories go. It is never pleasant. By the time we got to the check-out "Olga" was done! I decided it would be best for my sanity, my husbands and for everyone else's in the store if I took Olga to the car while her daddy and Big "B" checked out. So, out the door I went with my screaming, kicking two year old. Frazzled, I tried to automatic start the SUV. For some reason it wouldn't work. I got to the car and unlocked it then started to put her in the car seat. It was hot so I tried to automatic start it again from the backseat. You have to lock the doors before it will start. I locked the doors it started and I tossed my keys in the drivers seat so they'd be there when I got around there. I buckled "Olga" in, shut the door, walked to the front, lifted the door handle and got that sinking feeling in my stomach when I realized what I'd just done - locked my baby in the car ON HER BIRTHDAY!

The good news was that the car was still running. When you automatic start it, it will run with the air conditioning blasting for ten minutes and then shut off. I quickly called my husband who was in the check-out line. Not a phone call I wanted to make. He paid for our groceries and called Triple A. The nice representative that answered informed him that since a CHILD was in the car and it was over 90 degrees that day he needed to call the authorities. About that time the SUV shut off. "Olga" was oblivious to what was going on as I played peek-a-boo through the window with her. Her daddy called 9-1-1 and almost immediately we heard faint sirens in the distance. I thought surely that's not for us. It got louder...and louder. Then we saw the fire truck turn the corner into the parking lot. An ambulance was just a few minutes behind. Wow! I'm thankful they were there, but was soooo embarrassed! It took about ten more minutes for them to get the doors unlocked. She was sweaty when we got her out but just fine. Our cold food had defrosted - we just laughed. We're getting used to this kind of stuff!!!

It was certainly an eventful week. Little "B" won't remember any of it, but boy do we have some great stories to tell her when she's older! Happy birthday sweet "Olga"! Thanks for the adventures!