Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So here it goes...

I've been inspired to start a blog and so it begins with, of course, an introduction to my life and my initiation into The Big Pink Bow Club. That happened about 30 years ago when my mother tied the first pink ribbon in my hair. It wasn't until I was around 3 years old that happened because up until then I had NO hair!!!

That pink bow was like a tiara for me. It was all I needed to feel like a princess and it was what my mom needed to feel like she was raising a princess. Isn't that what all mothers of little girls want - a little princess. I imagine it is what my grandmother, Edris, and her mother before that wanted, too - a girly, girl, a "little" friend to play dress-up with, to share tea with, to buy baby dolls for, teach to paint her nails and curl her eyelashes. For us, nothing says tiny, southern princess quite like a big, pink bow. The tradition of those bows in my family continued with my two younger sisters and now with my daughters and my niece. They aren't just pink anymore, but certainly, pink is and always will be our favorite.

My daughters are 4 and 22 months. Big "B" and Little "B" never, ever, ever leave the house without a bow and neither does my 8 month old niece, Tiny "B". They actually all left the hospital with one around their heads. Their bows are part of them. It is the signature accessory that defines and binds the Courtney girls.

This blog will be about everything girly - from bows, to baby dolls, frilly dresses and family ties --all the fun that goes along with raising our precious daughters. You'll also hear a lot about my 2 -year-old, twin nephews. They may have ended the all girl streak in our family but, boy oh boy are we thrilled to have them in our lives to remind us how fun it is to get dirty, climb trees and karate chop our cousins! Hiiiiii - yaaahh! (By the way - I even put a bow in their heads - but just once and if my brother-in-law ever knew that he would KILL me and never let me see them again!)